Wally the Worried Walrus

by Aransas Savas


Aransas Savas is the creative force behind Wally the Worried Walrus.


As the mom of two daughters whose worries sometimes get in the way of them being their best selves, Aransas noticed many kids programs send a message to just “be happy.” But ignoring our feelings doesn’t make them go away, it just makes them stronger and more confusing. Taking a deep breath, noticing and naming our worries can help us see them in open, creative, and resourceful ways. Aransas created Wally the Worried Walrus to help her kids and others get in touch with their worries and learn important life skills for managing them, so they can play and learn more, and worry less.

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Social-emotional awareness, Adaptability, Resilience


Perfect for kids age 2 to 5

We all worry sometimes! Knowing how to manage our worries can help us thrive when the world gets wonky.

In this series, kids explore Wally’s life at Aurora Bay while learning powerful mindset techniques for helping them chill out.

They’ll laugh along with his silly stories as he manages everyday kid-sized physical, emotional, and social worries and uses breath, visualization, and communication techniques to help him overcome his fears and thrive!

Why you should check Wally the Worried Walrus out:

We all have worries. Wally helps kids know they aren’t alone in their fears and creates a toolkit for managing their worries, so that they can learn, grow, and thrive!

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