Tyrus’ Kids

by Tyrus Goshay


Tyrus Goshay is the creative force behind Tyrus’ Kids.


Tyrus Goshay is an award-winning digital Illustrator and 3D artist with over 18 years of experience. He serves as a college professor, teaching both game design and illustration in his off-time. Tyrus has a bachelor’s in Computer Animation and Multimedia, and a master’s degree in Teaching With Technology (MALT). He has contributed to several award-winning projects in the world of toy design, and has been recognized for his achievements in academia as well.

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Creativity, Financial literacy, Adaptability, Collaboration


Perfect for kids age 3 to 6

Discover the learning opportunities found in everyday life through captivating storytelling and vibrant illustration.

In Tyrus’ Kids, important skills like self-esteem, responsibility, and financial literacy are reimagined through characters that kids can identify with. From brave Little E, to Malik and his magic bowtie, to STEAM expert Kid Doctor Jam, kids will laugh and learn the importance of finding your voice and overcoming obstacles.

Why you should check Tyrus’ Kids out:

Featuring a diverse cast of characters, Tyrus’ Kids shows that every voice has a place and anyone can be a leader. By building trust, taking responsibility, and yes, even asking for help, kids learn they have the power to achieve their dreams.

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