Stoopkid Stories

by Melissa Victor


Melissa Victor is the creative force behind Stoopkid Stories.


Melissa “Melly” Victor used her background in music and theatre, love for writing, creativity, and experiences growing up in Baltimore, to create this storybook podcast featuring 7 young Black characters. It was featured on the NY Times "A Big List of Podcasts for Bigger Kids", in Podcast Magazine, and by Bello Collective, and was nominated for 2 Black Podcasting Awards.

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Critical thinking, Cultural awareness, Grit, Resilience


Perfect for kids age 5 to 7

Everyday adventures are extraordinary when you’re a Stoopkid!

Have a seat on the stoop, where every adventure comes with an important lesson and a healthy dose of fun!

From saving their favorite playground to overcoming first-time flying fears, the seven young, Black characters of Stoopkid Stories are regular kids with regular kid problems. But by working through challenges with their friends, family, and in their community, these kids learn to think for themselves and overcome any obstacle life throws their way.

Why you should check Stoopkid Stories out:

Sure to spark conversations around the dinner table, Stoopkid Stories shows kids they can tackle anything—and bounce back from challenges even stronger than ever.

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