by Susie Jaramillo


Susie Jaramillo is the creative force behind Skeletina.


Susie Jaramillo is an Emmy-nominated director, award-winning show creator, illustrator, and storyteller. She created the #1 bilingual preschool brand Canticos, a two-time Kidscreen Award winner for Best Digital Preschool Series. Susie oversees all creative development for the Encantos portfolio of family brands, including the Day of the Dead inspired resilience brand Skeletitos, and adventure-based travel brand Tiny Travelers. Susie is Venezuelan-American and was raised between Venezuela and the USA. She channels her rainforest influences through her Venezuelan roots.

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Social-emotional awareness, Adaptability, Grit, Resilience


Perfect for kids age 5 to 8

Skeletina is a savvy connoisseur of the In-between World and has trained herself to deal with the spooky-kooky characters and upside-down, inside-out happenings that go on around town.

She has a friendly, slapstick comical relationship with the eclectic grouchy beings that live there.

Skeletina helps the children who visit in their sleep navigate the many odd manifestations their fears and anxieties take, doing so in her own special way—with deadpan humor and relentless pursuit of a solution. For her, it's a game, and every-time she helps a child, she wins!

Why you should check Skeletina out:

Facing fears might just be fun! Skeletina helps children understand and develop control over their anxieties and fears, giving them coping mechanisms they can use in their everyday lives. By developing positive relationships and connections, Skeletina helps kids build trust and confidence in the new social-emotional skills they have learned, reinforcing that you can't go through hard moments alone, and it's ok to need—and ask for—help.

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