Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Compassion


Perfect for kids age 4 to 6

Pirates: Adventures in Art follows a band of pirates

Led by the artistically-minded captain Leonardo, the young princess-turned-pirate Cleo, Spanish-speaking lizard and first mate Fresco Del Gecko, and the ship's undead cook Skelly. Together, the crew prowls the seas not for buried treasure, but art! They’re on a mission to find and restore works and types of art banned by the anti-art Queen Conformia and her goon Admiral Krank. Learn about artwork and teamwork with this jolly pirate crew!

Why you should check Pirates: Adventures in Art out:

Art and creativity are so important! The Pirates help kids learn about art and crafts from around the world and the importance of the creative arts to humanity. Go on adventures all over the world with the Pirates crew, and sing along about each kind of art they discover!

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