La Petite Petra

by Krystel Armand


Krystel Armand is the creative force behind La Petite Petra.


An author, entrepreneur, and mom, Krystel created the book series with her own children in mind, wanting to teach them soft skills and cultural and personal values.

Krystel believes that being bilingual opened many doors for her throughout her life and contributed significantly to her cognitive development and, as such, heavily promotes bilingualism through her work. Her books are currently available in English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese.

Because she believes ethnic diversity makes life that much richer, the characters in her books are all ethnically diverse.

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Social-emotional awareness, Grit, Social & cultural awareness, Multilingualism, Leadership


Perfect for kids age 2 to 8

La Petite Petra has something fun for toddlers and older kids alike!

In the toddler concepts series, children learn early math concepts and socioemotional skills with Petra, her little brother Dani, best friend Lili, and Lili’s older brother Polo.

friend Lili, and Lili’s older brother Polo. For children 4 to 8 years old, lessons about self-confidence, perseverance, emotions, the law of giving, and current social events come to life through eye-catching and kid-friendly content.

Why you should check La Petite Petra out:

Beloved by kids, parents, & educators, La Petite Pétra is an upcoming bilingual educational brand. The series was selected as part of the MIT University Learning without borders initiative for the Creole-English program.

Krystel’s book The Coronavirus Explained for Kids was recently nominated in the World Literacy Awards for the “significant contribution to literacy in response to the pandemic” award.

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