Con Todo Press

by Naibe Reynoso


Naibe Reynoso is the creative force behind Con Todo Press.


An award winning journalist and mom, Naibe realized there was a lack of children’s books celebrating Latino culture and Latino leaders. She used her 30+ years of journalism experience to create a collection of books that positively reflect her community so that new generations can feel cultural pride and learn about their heritage in a fun and engaging way.

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Cultural Awareness, Grit, Leadership, Multilingualism, Resilience, Creativity


Perfect for kids age 0 to 6

Celebrate Latinx culture and the important figures who have made history...and changed the world!

Kids have so much potential! This collection of stories from Con Todo Press encourages them to chase their dreams and help shape the world we live in.

Throughout these stories, the rich contributions of Latinx culture are shared in both English and Spanish. From a whimsical celebration of tacos to the stories of brave and bold Latina history-makers, this storyworld is sure to inspire the next generation of heroes and leaders!

Why you should check Con Todo Press out:

Representation matters. In Con Todo Press, the amazing contributions of Latina leaders and Latinx culture come to life to show kids anything is possible!

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