by Susie Jaramillo


Susie Jaramillo is the creative force behind Canticos.


An artist, entrepreneur, and mom, Susie realized the songs and stories of her childhood were missing in the U.S. She wanted to raise her children to love their culture and heritage, so she brought these songs and stories to life for a new audience with adorable animated characters and music.

Susie believes storytellers are teachers and creativity is a superpower.

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Multilingualism, Numeracy, Social-emotional awareness, Social & cultural awareness


Perfect for kids age 0 to 4

Two languages makes the world twice as big, twice as fun!

With Nicky, Ricky, and Kiki Chickie, and their adorable crew of friends, kids will sing, dance, and learn, in English and Spanish.

Inspired by the nursery rhymes of the Hispanic world, Canticos teaches early literacy, math concepts, and―just as important―culture. Incorporating small teachings through song and dance builds social skills and creates cross-generational and cross-cultural bonds through the celebration of these commonly known songs. And kids have so much fun, they hardly even realize how much they’re learning!

Why you should check Canticos out:

Beloved by kids, parents, & educators, Canticos is the #1 bilingual preschool brand. We make learning fun with bilingual books, apps, games, and our award-winning animated videos, based on nursery rhymes beloved around the Spanish-speaking world.

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