Alpha Squad

by Justin Bullard


Justin Bullard is the creative force behind Alpha Squad.


Justin, a director, animator, producer, and Dad, watched his daughters growing up and realized there was not enough emphasis on teaching empathy in the content they consumed.

His love of aliens (he’s from Roswell, NM!), humor, and storytelling bring the world of Alpha Squad to life, teaching empathy through storytelling and giving kids awesome, inclusive, and unforgettable characters to learn from.

Justin believes in the power of empathy to raise successful kids and create a better world.

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Empathy, Compassion, Social & cultural awareness


Perfect for kids age 5 to 8

The Alpha Squad needs YOU!

Kids go on exciting adventures with the lovable Captain Pi and her crew of alien misfits as they explore the Galaxy and prove that all beings can get along if they try to understand each other.

Alpha Squad imparts crucial messages of empathy, inclusivity, and compassion through storytelling and characters designed to represent the broad range of 21st century challenges, building subtle, intuitive, and crucial emotional intelligence kids need to excel in the modern world.

Why you should check Alpha Squad out:

Perfect for all humanoids and extraterrestrial beings, Alpha Squad is a unique, unforgettable, and endless universe of fun and possibility. The series makes empathy entertaining, and teaches kids in the best possible way—through storytelling!

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